Video shows woman cornered by wild boars near supermarket in Italy as they steal her groceries

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Viral video shows a herd of snouty thieves forcing a woman with shopping bags to give them up in their favor.

The incident happened at a supermarket parking lot in the municipality of Formello just outside Rome, local media reported on Thursday. In the video shared by the Italian Association for Rural Culture (ACR), a woman with shopping bags is seen swerving among cars, followed by several boars, both big and smaller ones. Apparently realising that the animals are after her bags and she has no way out, the woman drops them to the ground, and the snouts immediately start rooting in them.

Having shared the video, the ACR warned that “these animals cannot be allowed to wander uncontrolled through the streets” and called for measures to be taken to protect the citizens. It later posted that police officers “with a passion for hunting” had volunteered to tackle the apparent boar threat.

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During the pandemic, wild animals have been spotted more often in widely populated areas. However, the appearance of boars is nothing new to Italians, as there have been numerous calls, especially from farmers, to do something about them. Hungry wild boars may not only pose a threat to the harvest but may also attack people, as well as cause dangerous traffic incidents.

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