9-hr hostage crisis defused after Swedish prisoners release guards in exchange for PIZZA

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A hostage situation at a Swedish prison ended without violence after two inmates received pizza for the release of the several guards whom they took as their captives.

Wednesday’s nine-hour ordeal reportedly began after two inmates doing time for murder at a high-security prison near the town of Eskilstuna managed to force themselves into an area reserved for prison guards. Armed with razor blades, the convicted murderers took two guards, one male and one female, hostage.

A mediator was called to the scene and negotiations began.

Special unit police forces stand by a car parked outside the Hallby Prison near Eskilstuna, Sweden, on July 21, 2021. ©  Karlsson Per / TT NEWS AGENCY / AFP

According to media reports, the prisoners had two demands: First, they wanted all 20 inmates in their prison block to enjoy pizza with “kebab toppings.” Secondly, they wanted a helicopter so they could escape once the pizza party ended.

A spokesperson for the jail later confirmed that the pizzas had been delivered. The prisoners initially said that they would release one of the hostages in exchange for the greasy kebab-topped finger food. However, it appears that both guards were ultimately set free once the pizza had been delivered.

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Photographs showed special police units gearing up outside the prison shortly after the hostage crisis began, although it’s unclear whether they actually took part in the operation.

The inmates never got their helicopter and were reportedly taken to a police station, where they were questioned about their cheesy “kidnapping” plot.

Neither guard was injured in the ordeal, a prison spokesperson told the AFP news agency.

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